Perfect Professional Manners

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It’s a funny thing about business manners and protocols.

We start our first job, and we are expected to pick up the rules automatically. That’s hard to do when you are hard at work.

Working people have questions:

“What’s the best way to make a business introduction?”

“What do I need to know about good manners at a business lunch or dinner?”

“What are rude things people do at work – that I should avoid?”

Business manners are important. They help establish our reputation. What is polite? What is it impolite?

We wrote the instant download course Perfect Professional Manners to answer your questions and help you feel more comfortable in everyday and high-stakes professional situations.


This downloadable package will teach you – 

How to make, ask for and receive introductions

How to speak to business contacts on the phone – scripts included!

How to compose professional email messages for a variety of uses

Perfect manners for business lunches and dinners

How to communicate with customers, vendors, coworkers, managers and executives

How to handle conflict politely

How to manage sticky situations at work

How to start and carry on a business conversation

How to deal with offensive comments or actions by others

How to dress for business occasions

How to be an incredible teammate… …and much more!

Perfect Professional Manners will teach you everything you need to know to make the right impression in the professional world and boost your confidence!