Jumpstart Your 2020 Plan!

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2020 is almost here!

What’s your vision for the new year?

Maybe you deserve a better job.

Maybe you want to start a business.

Maybe it’s time to grow your thought leadership flame through a blog, podcast or public speaking.

Maybe you want to grow your skills and credibility at your current job – Or move to a new place, or go back to school.

Whatever your 2020 vision looks like, you need a plan and a strategy to bring it to reality. We can help!

Our comprehensive strategy, planning and motivation guide JUMP-START YOUR 2020 PLAN is here!

Get step-by-step, simple and motivating instructions on planning and launching your biggest 2020 goals. Make the coming year count!

You will learn how to:

Create and refine your vision

Decide what you want most at the end of 2020

Plot your path to get there

Develop goals and milestones

Use your network and support system

Overcome obstacles along the way

Use your calendar, reminders and to-do lists effectively

Stay motivated throughout the year

Plot your progress

Celebrate your successes

… And much more!

JUMP-START YOUR 2020 PLAN is on sale right now for just $39 (regular price $139). It’s the perfect end of year gift for yourself – and a boost for your career, business and confidence!



What’s included:

– The instant-download 12-part guide JUMP-START YOUR 2020 PLAN including lessons, exercises and articles by Human Workplace CEO Liz Ryan!

– The accompanying eBook JUMP-START YOUR 2020 PLAN full of more great ideas for your life, work and goals in 2020!