Q. Liz, how long do I have to stay in a job before I can move on? I hate my job after nine months. Is it gonna look bad on my resume if I leave after nine months? How will I answer the question “Why do you want to leave your job so soon?”

A. It used to be the case that you had to keep a job for at least two years in order to avoid having a resume with too many job changes in it. That is changing somewhat now, but it depends very much on your region, industry and function.

If you indicate in your LinkedIn profile that you are open to contact by recruiters and considering changing jobs, you’ll hear from recruiters who have job openings they are trying to fill.

If they want you to interview with one of their clients, they will help you construct the best answer to the question Why do you want to leave your new job so soon? The fact is that some jobs are just not a good fit, and you can say so.