Q. How can I let a manager in my company know that if there is ever a job opening in his department, I’m interested?

A. You could say those exact words but there are several considerations.

Think about your current manager. How are they likely to feel about your aspirations to work in another department? If your manager has to approve any transfers, then their feelings are more important than those of the manager who wants to hire you.

This is why I recommend that companies remove a manager’s ability to block transfers of his or her employees. It’s anti-organization, anti-employee and anti-company thing to restrain people who want to move on, if they are qualified to do so.

You never want to make it easier to leave an organization altogether than to transfer to another department.

Because these policies exist, you have to find out whether your company will put your transfer hopes in the hands of your current manager or not.

That’s the first thing to find out. If your manager would support your transfer it’s wonderful.

There’s no point in talking to the other department manager until you know what any internal transfer process would look like!