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Create A Second Income!

The virtual course Create a Second Income will teach you how to start your own revenue stream whether through consulting, freelancing, or starting your own business!

Create A Second Income is our virtual course for everyone who has thought “I need a second revenue stream,” whether it’s to save money, cover more bills, or create a safety net in case of an unexpected shift in their full-time position!

This course is designed for anyone who wants to increase their financial security, grow their confidence and entrepreneurial skills, and take control of their income!

Testimonials below!


​”I knew I needed to get a second income stream started when the layoffs started at my job. I’m glad I spent the time building my side business before I had to! Thanks for the helpful guidance.”

“A great deal! The course walks you through a lot of ideas for starting a second income and choosing the best one for your situation, highly recommend it.”


The course includes:

Twelve easy-to-follow video + text lessons with exercises, helpful tips and examples. You’ll complete your lessons on your own device, and at your own pace!

Lesson 1: Your Goals

Lesson 2: Second Income Priorities

Lesson 3: Second Income Options

Lesson 4: Second Income Research

Lesson 5: Venn Diagram Exercise

Lesson 6: Your Launch Plan

Lesson 7: Your Support Team

Lesson 8: Small Steps And Roadblocks

Lesson 9: Third Lap Review

Lesson 10: Revenue

Lesson 11: Marketing

Lesson 12: Momentum

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